14-16 Feb 2018 Caen (France)

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We propose to organize a LISE workshop from February 14 (2pm) to February 16 (5pm) 2018 at the GANIL guesthouse.

This workshop is a follow-up of the ones organized in 2015 and 2016, in which different scientific programs as well as associated technical developments were presented. They were dealing with shell evolution, nuclear clustering and pairing, physics at the drip lines, nuclear astrophysics, soft/giant/collective modes, exotic decay modes, study of super heavy elements as well as the equation of state of nuclear matter.

During this new workshop, we propose to discuss:

  • Recent experiments performed at LISE: highlights, achievements, perspectives,

  • Physics program in the next five years: organization, new ideas, 

  • On-going and future upgrades of the LISE spectrometer.

A social dinner will be organized on February 15th.

Oral contributions should be submitted before January 10th. We hope to be able to propose few financial supports for the venue to the workshop, but we need to be informed as soon as possible and before January 10th. The contact person is Sabrina Lecerf (lecerf@ganil.fr).

For sake of efficiency in the discussions, we plan to restrict the number of participants to 60. 

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